is a ready-made platform and a tool for construction of different electronic devices, automation systems and logic, without the need of electronic design. Just model your devices in programing languages using a high-quality electronic board. Connect the controls, displays, sensors, and more.


How it works?

A program is created for device operation in a special development environment. For this purpose high-level languages of type C and others are used. Then a firmware is compiled and loaded in ST-ONE providing a product with desired functionality which was foreseen by a designer.
At this the scheme of the deivce is not changed and can be expanded!


Create a program

Simulate a work and behavior of the device in a programming language


Load a firmware

Upload firmware of the device providing it with functionality which was established in the program


Finished product

Get a ready to use product without the need of electronic production

What does it give?

You may use ST-ONE in a wide range of tasks, for example for design and debugging of electronic devices on ARM (Cortex) architecture, for study of digital electronics and first steps, using the modules constructors from ARDUINO and other platforms.

So our solution can be used in the industrial sector or in commercial purposes as a finished, base, multi-purpose eletronic system. ST-ONE already has the required minimum in the form of a powerful 32-bits STM32 micro-controller, nonvolatile memory, RTC, configurable outputs for connecting peripherals, mounting holes, reliable circuit protection and power supply for two voltages 3.3V and 5V. All this is assembled by automatics from the original component parts on high-quality, beautifully traced boards.


ST-ONE can be an electronic heart of your projects, now you do not need to worry about the hardware base and work directly on the idea. The only limitation is in the elements set, modules, extensions and the developer's imagination.

Industrial sector

3D-printers and gravers, lathes with manual control and CNC, automatic lines

Security systems

Security complexes, alarm systems, systems of control and automatic registration, pass entry systems

At home use

Game consoles, electronic costructors, amateur crafts and study, household use

USB devices

Creation of many devices with interface USB. Connection to a computer for data exchange

Dashboards (info-panels)

Dashboards, information panels, on-board computers, measurement complexes, control means

Electronic products

Soldering stations, power supplies, control systems, decision-making and statistics gathering systems


Creation of robotic systems and operated electronic and mechanical robots

Intelligent house

Automatic and remote control of household and other infrustructure

Other projects

Automation systems, software and hardware complexes and many other fields

Component base

ST-ONE it is only high-quality components without compromise and savings. We took care to let you enjoy the perfect operation of the device

TVS diodes

Solid-state overvoltage protection. Will allow to keep the microprocessor from the high-voltage leads and discharges along the lines of communication

Power check

At incorrect polarity the product will not fail. Also is performed the control of maximum USB currents. Your ports will be safe in the case of short circuits

Tantalum capacitors

are highly reliable, durable devices. Do not have the effect of drying. Thermostable. The improved frequency characteristics

Ferrite bead

High quality filters of power supply and separation of tracts of digital and analogue part of microcontroller. Надежность and accuracy of the whole device

Power system

ST-ONE operates in a wide range of voltages from 6..12V and possesses a reliable scheme of stabilization and correction of power supply. With good trace it will provide with fail-safe operation of the product.
Tests were performed specially on a relatively highly noisy power supply.
Test conditions: DC, 9V, load on the line 3.3V - 350mA


Attention! The sensitivity is only 20mV(0.020 of Volt) / 100ms on both channels!

Stabilization, filters, and PCB itself reduce the noise of power supply almost to the background of measurement environment.
The system greatly suppresses any interferences on the lines with load and without load

Mechanism PowerGood - it is by 0.3 seconds postponed start of the whole system after supply of power.
This ensures the completion of all transient processes, steady start-up and operation of MCU

Battery CR1220 will ensure the work of timers and internal calendar even after a power shutdown. The device maintains the correct time and storage of data in the Backup Domain


The product is built on a high quality PCB of factory production and satisfies many IPC standards.

Technical characteristics

Microplatform ST-ONE - it is a high power for a small system. Vast opportunities and a lot of built-in peripherals!

Core (STM32F103RET6)


Hardware functions

Interfaces and communications

Timers and manage


Clock and supply management


Power supply system



We are a direct designer and manufacturer of this device. You can always get an advice or any other support.


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Bootloader download

To download the bootloader, you need to specify the individual parameters of your device and select the MCU model. You can also specify your personal public key for your bootloader. It will be used by security systems in the future for unpacking firmware and other control mechanisms. If this is not required, leave the field blank.


MCU unique ID (hex)

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